Outdoor luminaire

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Body: Chassis OP400 for installation on post 60 mm., with socket dia 180mm Optic : RS PL opal ball, diameter of ball 400 mm (socket dia. 180mm) RS CI clear ball, diameter of ball 400 mm (socket dia. 180mm) RS CIK clear ball with black upper part, diameter of ball 400 mm (socket dia. 180mm) RS KU smoke ball, diameter of ball 400 mm (socket dia. 180mm) Wiring: compensated, ballast cat. B S high pressure sodium (HPS) M mercury lamp (MBF) E27 wiring with E27 only Versions: PMMA polymethylacrylate ball (standard) PC polycarbonate ball Note: These fittings are delivered in parts (chassis OP + frame with electric equipment RA + frame cover CO + ball RS). In the order, type of frame , type and material of frame cover (not necessary for opal ball), diameter and colour of the ball have to be specified.

Lamp type:Incandescent lamp, Metal halide lamp, High pressure sodium-vapour lamp, Mercury vapour lamp
Lamp holder:E27, E40
Protection class:I
Degree of protection (IP):IP44
Nominal voltage (V):220...240
Mounting method:Post-top



Produced in Czech Republic

Fittings are proudly produced in our production plant.

Only quality electro-components used


LED fittings

Long-life. Minimal consuption.

No service needed.


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