Luminaires have a rectangular shape that is ideal for illuminating industrial spaces.

A large number of possible optical systems make the luminaire applicable to all areas. The highest efficiency (over 170 lm / W) is achieved with the clear glass cover, low glare in the microprismatic housing. We recommend using a polycarbonate microprismatic cover (PCN) version in sports halls - such a ball-test luminaire (no need to add the lights to the protective grille).
The installation is primarily suspended, but with accessories ("MEGALMONTSET"), the luminaires can also be installed as surface mounted. The "MEGAL4S" version of the "MEGAL4S" version is intended for installation in assembly, for which we supply a mounting frame.
The electrical connection is via an external connector - the luminaire does not need to be disassembled.
The luminaire can be produced with wireless bluetooth control - more information here.

In this application, the use of MEGAL4M4 with clear glass. Initially, 20 pieces of 400W sodium lamps were installed. The old luminaires were exchanged for 20x MEGAL4M luminaires, which increased the intensity of lighting to 500lx while simultaneously reducing power consumption from 9.5 kW to 4.3 kW.