We proudly introduce new LED Catalogue 2021.


Rádi bychom Vás seznámili s novinkami obsaženými v novém katalogu: 


Recessed luminaire for clear rooms - optical system is combination of: glass (for cleaning by chemical cleaners) and double parabolic louvre (UGR19)

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Luminaire for recessed installation.

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A completely new range of design luminaires. The body of the luminaire is made of solid aluminum - a luxurious look.

Thanks to our own technology for bending aluminum profiles, the luminaire can be supplied in various sizes and shapes.

The luminaire can be made in various colors. From classic white, through gray to, for example, dark brown.

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All-plastic surface round LED fitting in IP65. Luminaire body made of polycarbonate with cover made of PMMA material.

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LED panel with high IP protection (=IP65)

Luminaire are produced in two variants of IP protection:

FIT....IP6520 - body of luminaire (from front side) in IP65, driver with IP20 protection

FIT....IP65 - body of luminaires (from front and back side) in IP65, driver with IP65 protection (complete IP65 luminaire)

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