Universal outdoor fitting

Body: High quality glass reinforced pressed polyester body, steinless clips Optic: White painted steel sheet reflector Polycarbonate cover – Fressnel lens Wiring: compensated, ballast cat. B (standard wiring) EP high frequention ballast Lamp: TC-L compact fluorescent lamp S high pressure sodium lamp (HPS) M high pressure mercury lamp (MBF) SOX low pressure sodium lamp (SOX) Application: Multi-purpose exterior fitting for roads, streets, park lots, paths and others applications. Optimal for 3-8 m posts. Versions: POJ with fuse OK double-circuit wiring V60 flange for bracket diameter 60 1000004902 S60 flange for post diameter 60 1000004904 V76 flange for bracket diameter 76 1000004906 S76 flange for post diameter 76 1000004908 V42 flange for bracket diameter 42 1000004910 Accessories: DVO wall holder 245039902 Note: The fittings are delivered with flange, but type of flange must be specificated in order.

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