T5 high bay

Protection degree IP65
Lamp T5
Light fitting optical system  REF MIRO - reflector made by MIRO®
Light fitting electrical equipment 
EP - high frequency ballast
EPSDD - HFB digital dimmable
White comaxit steel body (RAL 9003)
Security glass
Aluminium clips
T5 fittings for illuminating high-roof places (warehouses, production plants) with IP65 protection
New way how to illuminate places, where is used high-bays (sodium, metal-halogenid).
More economical way, with benefits:
  • dimmabling
  • quick-start
  • longer life time
Fitting is delivered with 3metres long cabel with free end. On request could be with connector IP65 (Wieland®)

-          Higher specific output (compare with  matal-halide high bays) enables installation less fittings and decrease in elektricity consmption
-          Saving cost of energy
-          Quick start
-          The lamps  in the fitting can be devided to groups (2-circuits wiring) for  easy way to managing of light level without  an expensive dimmable system
-          Optional light colours (830,840,865,..) excellent colour rendering Ra
-          Silent work
-          The  fittings can be manager with DALI systém – equipped with DALI dimmable
-          Very long lamp life T5 80W (24 000 hrs) saves maintenance costs


To avoid flux decline due to increased temperature are luminaires MEGA certified for use only with T5 lamps OSRAM CONSTANT or PHILIPS POLAR.

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Main features

Lamp type:Fluorescent lamp T5
Lamp holder:G5
Protection class:I
Degree of protection (IP):IP20, IP65
Nominal voltage (V):220...240
Mounting method:Pendant
Body material:White painted steel
Type of dimming:DALI, Not dimmable



    Produced in Czech Republic

    Fittings are proudly produced in our production plant.

    Only quality electro-components used


    LED fittings

    Long-life. Minimal consuption.

    No service needed.


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