Our luminaires are not only pefectly finished and effective - they can be also interesting decorative part of your space. This installation was made in Norway city Kristiansand - office polyfunctional house.

Contractor want to offer something more for final users than only regular recessed luminaires - so he proceed with our MODUS Q DECO SKY - luminaires with printed sky motive. Modus offered this luminaires in approx 40 motives - this is the biggest one (till this time) - it is consist from 80 LED panels in size M600.

If you also want to have something special for your project - MODUS Q DECO SKY is you way how to do it.

Luminaires has standartly aluminium elox frame, on request it can be painted in white.

Do you want even something more? Luminaires can be done with tunable white LED moduls. And even it can be controlled via bluetooth - luminaires can be controlled via mobile phone or special battery-less buttons. Also in mobile application you can set HCL mode - human centric lighting.

OTERA - Panel med trykk-Medium-11.jpgOTERA - Panel med trykk-Medium-12.jpgOTERA - Panel med trykk-Medium-13.jpg