Modus as strong company on lighting market follows the most modern trends in lighting. In last 5 years MODUS invest over 6 000 000 EUR to new machines, ecology production and effective production processes.

Development of new luminaires is for us big opportunity for succes in today agresive and innovate lighting market. Our development of new luminaires is divided into two groups. First group is focused on development of luminaires which are listed in general catalogue. Second group is focused on development of special luminaires completely by customer needs.

For smooth development we have also our own laboratories where technical parametrs are checked. Modus has these labs:

Photometric lab - situated in sales department in Prague

IP lab - situated in production department in Ceska Lipa

Temperature lab - sitauted in production department in Ceska Lipa

Mainly the photometric lab is important for LED luminaires development and for checking new generation of chips which are used in MODUS luminaires.


Vývoj optického systémuSOFT_special.JPGholders.JPG


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