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Rail system - trunking AL base


Price from:

1 220 Kč
( 1 476 Kč including VAT )

Part of rail system - MODUS TS

These parts are base for rail lighting system - they are made from aluminum profile and include internal wirring by project needs:

Internal wirring can be made with 1,5 mm2 or 2,5 mm2, also number of wires can be choosed:

5x1,5 mm2 - for 3 phase wirring or 1 phase with DALI

7x1,5 mm2 - for 3 phase wirring and DALI

9x1,5mm2 - for 3 phase wirring and DALI and emergency

These rail trays are produced in two sizes:

1L - 1422 mm (for one optical part - TS/B)

2L - 2844 mm (for two optical parts - TS/B)

Example of code TS/A/1L5/15, means:

TS/A - name of TS trunking base

/1L - lenght 1422mm

5 - five wires

/15 - internal wirring 1,5 mm2

Body material:Eloxal aluminium profileMounting method:Suspended
Protection class:I
Degree of protection (IP):IP20
Product category:Support profile light-line system
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