Wireless control for luminaires, based on Bluetooth protocol (BT). Luminaires are produced wit BT unit.

Luminaires can be controled and setup via mobile application Casambi (download for Android and Apple devices). Control is also possible be hardware devices like battery-less buttons, remote controls or even sensors.

Luminaire can be by this devices and applications fully controlled - like dimming, changing color temperature (kelvins), automatic on/off...

As benefit there can be also setup Human centric lighting system by mobile application - at the morning luminaires will be automatically light with warm white (2700k) and at the mid-day by cool white. 

In the application also hardware parts (wireless buttons, sensors) can be setup for individual needs of use.


We will help you design your system - contac us.



Návod k obsluze aplikace Casambi CZ3.46 MB[download]
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