Decorative (printed motive) should give to your interior totally new look. From all motives from our offer the most used are the motives with „fake sky“, this motive is ideal for meeting rooms, creative offices...

Also there is possibility to print your own motive, from this segment the company logo is very popular for printing.

Generally in our offer you can find around 30 motives, and there exist no limit – we are able to print your own motive from photo which you will sent to us. There is only one limit – the resolution of picture.


These special printed luminaires are comming from base on standart luminaires MODUS Q and MODUS IBP (means the same body, driver, LED chips). Becouse of printed motive the lm output is lower about 30 – 50 percent (depents on motive). Motive is printed on PMMA desk, this solution is not based on glued foil. In comparation to foil the printing technics has benefits of long lasting of colour (no degration) and also there is durability again scratching during installation.

In our offer you will find about 30 sets of ready motive, in case of interest you can choose only some panels from motive, not a complete one.


Types of decorative panels

You can choose from model based on MODUS Q (QD) or MODUS IBP (MODUS IBS). Modus Q is LED panel (edge-lid), MODUS IBS is back-lid luminaire

Under you can see main differences between these two models:


Main features:

  • 100% homogenity
  • Compact design
  • Optional surface mounting
  • Optional hanging mounting
  • Luxury aluminium frame
  • Customer motives

Hlavní vlastnosti:

  • Light body
  • Bigger image space
  • Only recessed

Available motives:

SKY 03SKY 04SKY 07SKY 09SKY 16SKY 30SKY 32SKY 50SKY 55SKY 60SKY 67


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