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Surfaced and suspended louvre fitting

1x36W double parabolic louvre (ALDP)

Price from:

1 100 Kč
( 1 331 Kč including VAT )
White painted (RAL 9003) metal sheet
White plastic endcaps
ALDP      double parabolic louvre category C2 of highly polished aluminium
MATDP   double parabolic louvre category C2 of mat aluminium
AS        highly polished asymetric aluminium reflector
EP         high frequention ballast  HFB (standard for T5 lamps)
EPSA     HFB analogue dimmabe (1-10 V)
EPSD     HFB digital dimmable TRIDONIC ECO
EPSDD   HFB digital dimmable DALI
MULTIWATT  - universal HFB for T5 lamps
These light fittings can be used as surface mounted or suspended.
ZH22 - cord suspension set with plastic cover
ZHX22 - lcord suspension set with metal cover
4333011 - endcaps for SLIM 1x tube
4333012 - endcaps for SLIM 2x tubes
1331004007 - connection part for SLIM/R 1x tube
1332004007 - connection part for SLIM/R 2x tube
/R - version for continous assembly, fittings has terminal boxes at both end and are delivered without endcaps. Endcaps needs to be delivered separately also connection part is needed (see Accessories).
/Z  - version for pendant installation with holes at back part of fitting for indirect illumination
Recomended  style of installation is as surface mounted. When light fittings are suspended, they should be hung by 4 cords or tubes.

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