Downlight with cover possibility

ody: Zinc-coated steel sheet, white painted gear box, white aluminium ring. Optic: Embossed aluminium reflektor SPMC…170 embossed aluminium reflector Ø 145mm SPMC…200 embossed aluminium reflector Ø 185mm SPMC…250 embossed aluminium reflector Ø 215mm Wiring : N uncompensated, ballast cat. B K compensated, ballast cat. B EP high frequention ballast EPSA HFB analogue dimmabe (1-10 V) EPSD HFB digital dimmable TRIDONIC ECO EPSDD HFB digital dimmable DALI Application: Recessed metal downlight for installation into false ceiling. Accessories: Clear glass cover Opal glass cover Note: These fittings can be equipped with clear or opal glass cover for IP44. Accesories: 533605 - clear glass for SPMC 170 533606 - opal glass for SPMC 170 533601 - clear glass for SPMC 200 533602 - opal glass SPMC 200 533603 - clear glass SPMC 250 533604 - opal glass SPMC 250


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Main features

Lamp type:Compact fluorescent lamp
Protection class:I
Degree of protection (IP):IP20
Nominal voltage (V):220...240
Mounting method:Built-in
Type of dimming:DALI, 1-10 V, Not dimmable




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