We´d like to introduce to you our new luminaires.


Subtile pendant or surface luminaire with "dark" optics with low glare (UGR16) and interesting design.

Body of luminaire is made by aluminium profile which can be painted by many colours - on request

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LED luminaire for street lighting with with movable bracket with dia. 60mm.

Independent part for driver part and optical part.

Intregrated clips into luminaires body.

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Recessed luminaire for clear rooms - optical system is combination of: glass (for cleaning by chemical cleaners) and double parabolic louvre (UGR19)

Luminaires are standartly made with complete anti-bacterial treatment. Glass is protected by nanolayer with Ag. The body of luminaire is painted by white powder with Ag. On request the version with non anti-bacterial treatment is possible

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A completely new range of design luminaires. The body of the luminaire is made of solid aluminum - a luxurious look.

Thanks to our own technology for bending aluminum profiles, the luminaire can be supplied in various sizes and shapes.

The luminaire can be made in various colors. From classic white, through gray to, for example, dark brown.

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