With the growth of LED lighting in a wide range of uses (industry, office,public lighting, etc.), the question of replacing conventional high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps with an LED alternative is a very pressing one for small and large growers. The advantages of using LED lighting include not just the significantly lower operating costs, but especially the option to optimize the light spectrum in such a way that your plants receive ideal “light nutrition” for growth. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our MODUS RX PLANTA lamps for grow lighting, which are designed to provide plants with the optimum conditions for growth at significantly lower energy cost than classic HPS
We’ve prepared the following brochure for you, which easily explains:

  • How plants process light
  • What parts of the spectrum appeal to them
  • How to assess the effectiveness of grow lighting for plants, and
  • What benefits RX PLANTA offers for grow lighting

We’re certain that our publication will help you choose the right solution for your growing needs.