Decorative fittings QD, QPD and IBS are derived from standard fixtures Q, QP or IBP. They have the same dimensions, mounting way and electrical equipment (used LEDs and drivers). 

Due used decors is a light output of the fittings reduced by 30-50% compared with the corresponding variant with opal cover.

MODUS SKY creates a realistic picture of the sky on a room ceiling. Combinaction of lighting and decorating creates a positive atmosphere in any interior. The effect of the skylight in the room creates a feeling of openness and space.

SKY 177.jpgSKY 12.jpgSKY 08.jpgSKY 02.jpgSKY 73.jpgSKY 75.jpgSKY 01.jpgSKY 03.jpgSKY 196.jpgSKY 116.jpgSKY 10.jpgSKY 71.jpgSKY 161.jpgSKY 186.jpgSKY 189.jpgSKY 84.jpgSKY 108.jpgSKY 21.jpgSKY 16.jpgSKY 83.jpgSKY 55.jpgSKY 163.jpgSKY 70.jpgSKY 57.jpgSKY 198.jpgSKY 170.jpgSKY 78.jpgSKY 190.jpgSKY 192.jpgSKY 61.jpgSKY 18.jpgSKY 162.jpgSKY 105.jpgSKY 51.jpgSKY 133.jpgSKY 183.jpgSKY 04.jpgSKY 194.jpgSKY 76.jpgSKY 95.jpgSKY 139.jpgSKY 106.jpgSKY 168.jpgSKY 67.jpgSKY 172.jpgSKY 69.jpgSKY 62.jpgSKY 137.jpgSKY 54.jpgSKY 40.jpgSKY 139.jpgSKY 176.jpgSKY 175.jpgSKY 52.jpgSKY 72.jpgSKY 193.jpgSKY 68.jpgSKY 204.jpgSKY 07.jpgSKY 167.jpgSKY 132.jpgSKY 77.jpgSKY 110.jpgSKY 140.jpgSKY 199.jpgSKY 93.jpgSKY 187.jpgSKY 50.jpgSKY 166.jpgSKY 94.jpgSKY 39.jpgSKY 164.jpgSKY 19.jpgSKY 60.jpgSKY 203.jpgSKY 197.jpgSKY 56.jpgSKY 165.jpgSKY 32.jpgSKY 30.jpgSKY 38.jpgSKY 15.jpgSKY 20.jpgSKY 169.jpgSKY 79.jpgSKY 202.jpgSKY 208.jpgSKY 58.jpgSKY 53.jpgSKY 126.jpgSKY 178.jpgSKY 59.jpgSKY 107.jpgSKY 119.jpgSKY 181.jpgSKY 17.jpgSKY 209.jpgSKY 31.jpgSKY 201.jpgSKY 64.jpgSKY 80.jpgSKY 74.jpgSKY 210.jpgSKY 140.jpgSKY 65.jpgSKY 09.jpgSKY 211.jpgSKY 66.jpgSKY 212.jpgSKY 214.jpgSKY 215.jpgSKY 216.jpgSKY 217.jpgSKY 218.jpgSKY 219.jpgSKY 220.jpgSKY 221.jpgSKY 222.jpgSKY 223.jpgSKY 224.jpgSKY 225.jpgSKY 227.jpgSKY 228.jpgSKY 231.jpgSKY 232.jpgSKY 234.jpgSKY 235.jpgSKY 236.jpgSKY 237.jpgSKY 243.jpgSKY 244.jpgSKY 205.jpg