MODUS is biggest producer of lighting fittings in Czech Republic and one of biggest in Central/East Europe.
As the time in start 2020 show us, it is not ideal to be connected to chinese material (no only in luminaires). In react of this we are now offering luminaires which are made comletellly as "no-china" inside. With this we want to support "no-china" producers of materials used for our luminaires.
Connected to this we feel a responsibility also the help European health system - from every luminaires we will donate 1 EUR to hospital. As we see that EU health system is now under pressure of CHINESE-VIRUS (or you can say COVID-19, if you want to).

Examples of material in luminaire MODUS PL/EU:

Body and cover: Belgium

Inner metal sheet: Germany

Painting powder: Norway, Italy

Wires: Czech Republic

Terminal boxes and connectors: Germany, Italy

LED: Germany, Korea, Malajsia

Driver: Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain

Paper box: Czech Republic


As a producer we have for example these technologies:

Laser cutting machines 

We use fast lasers from Switzerland to prepare sheets. The main advantages include speed, accuracy and low burden on the environment (ecology). We currently have 3 laser centers, these machines are complemented by on Finn-power machine (older technology).

Automatic LED assembly lines

We manufacture our own LED modules for use in our luminaires. This gives us a free hand for development (flexibility) and we have control over the quality and execution of the chips. We use chips from OSRAM and SAMSUNG for mounting. We currently have three assembly machines from SAMSUNG.

Automatic bending machines

The sheet metal bodies of the luminaires take shape on three SALVAGNINI bending centers. The advantage of this technology is speed and it is guaranteed that the body of each luminaire is the same per millimeter.

Wirring robots

We use two automatic bending machines from BJB for large-scale production orders. Each luminaire from the wire machine is tested for functionality after wiring.

Line production

For medium range production orders, classic line production is used (one worker = one production operation). We currently have 9 lines for the final assembly of the luminaire. Each luminaire is tested for functionality at the last position of the line.

Table mounting

For smaller-scale orders or the production of luminaires that are more complex to be wired (for example, with an emergency module), table assembly is used = one worker completes the luminaire from start to finish. Each luminaire is tested for functionality.

Automatic painting line

The luminaires are painted on a fully automatic line - this is a white or gray final modification of the luminaire. If an atypical paint of luminaire is required, we use painting in a manual paint shop. 

Production of optical system for LED panels

As one of the few luminaire manufacturers in Europe, we produce LED panels completely in our production plant. To do this, it is necessary to produce a special optical system that takes care of the homogeneity of the LED panel.

Development of luminaires


The development of LED luminaires is advancing rapidly, as a modern company we are aware of this and we are bringing new types of luminaires to the market. In addition to the development of "catalog" luminaires, we also develop luminaires specially designed for the project (eg.: atypical luminaire size, atypical installation method ...).

 Together with finest technology and perfect skilled staff we ready supply to market more than 25.000 pcs/week.


Important for is a quality product, in fact of these we have own testing facility:

Ligting measurement laboratory (lm output, light temperature, lighting curves - LDT files)


IP protection testing area (dust, water)