The corporate calculation software is applicable for lighting of interiors according to the ČSN EN 12 464-1 standard and for public lighting according to the ČSN EN 13 201 standard - and this only for units produced by MODUS.

The program allows calculations by flux and point method, calculations of the glare factor UGR according to Sőrensen, calculations of marginal luminance and calculations of roadway luminance. Glare evaluations according to luminance of lamp units (marginal luminance). The lighting units can be positioned manually by entering the coordinates x, y, z or automatically following to the required spacing of the lighting units. The units can be positioned in space also under any angle. The software also offers solutions for lighting systems in areas with obstacles.

The graphical output can be set for views from the individual walls, ceiling and floor, completion of areas, description of areas, description in check-points, iso-lines in points of eyesight tasks and plastic representation of the space luminance.

The program also enables display in 2D (superficial) and 3D (spatial).

To display types and parameters of lamp units, including luminance curves, use database of lamp units included in the software.

The software enables direct two-way communication with AutoCAD.


Latest version of calculation software can be downloaded HERE on pages of developer.